Frequently Asked Questions

All we have best doctors in tambaram Hospital; hence, outpatient services are available on all working days. We have doctors in the positions of medical and surgical registrars, junior and senior registrars, and junior and senior residents, thus offering 24 hours coverage in areas such as Casualty, Wards, intensive care units and post operative recovery areas. Any complaints in the odd hours are first attended to by the resident doctors and, depending upon the case, the respective consultants are called in to attend the patients.

Deepam Hospital is a multispecialty hospital in Tambaram which offers the complete range of medical and surgical specialties under one roof, with high experience doctors, state-of-the art infrastructure and diagnostic services.

You are required to contact the admission counter, where our executives will give you details about the various packages, bed categories and other charges. After finalization of the Package and bed category, you will be given an IP (inpatient) number.

Charges applicable for day care (less than 12 hours) are calculated on the basis of half-day bed charges.

Yes, Patients are required to pay a deposit as per the category of the bed at the time of admission. In case of a surgery or a procedure , the total estimated amount has to be deposited with the hospital before the surgery.

Patients can make the payment by cash, through debit or credit cards or demand draft. We do ` not accept cheques.

Attendants need to vacate the room if the patient is shifted to an ICU.

Yes, if your TPA is on the Panel of our Hospital.

Yes, we have ambulance service round the clock.

To minimize crowding and noise in the Patient Care Area, only one attendant pass is issued per patient. The Pass has to be surrendered at the admission counter at the time of the discharge.

The following documents are required for the refund :
1. Final bill (original) 2. Receipts of all payments 3. Check-out slip.

Second opinion are not uncommon. Discuss your desire for another opinion with your Doctor. You can ask your nurse to help you with this.

Billing is done on a 24 hour basis.

All the medicines and consumables are provided by the hospital pharmacy and buy the same at the hospital pharmacy for the safety reasons.

Your summary report or discharge card will be given to you buy the nursing staff at the time of discharge. In case there is a delay in the preparation of a discharge card, it will be mailed or posted to you within a week of the discharge.

Yes, at present such facility is available under CM scheme and other applicable insurance schemes.

We are offering discount facilities based on Patient History and on case to case basis.

The Patient visiting time is between 8.00AM to 10.00 AM in the morning hours and 4PM to 6PM in the Evening Hours.

You can call PRO while you are in the Hospital or call (+91) 8270666699 after you go home.

Please check with your Nurse on duty. Some treatments and procedures requires hospital gowns/dresses.

Deepam is committed to providing the most compassionate and comprehensive professional care During your stay. If for any reason you feel that you did not receive the services in DPH, please Contact our PRO at the Hospital.