We pride ourselves on high quality healthcare services offered through our Registered Nurses, Associate Nurses, Care Takers and Physiotherapists.

Depending on your medical needs or the needs of your family, we can provide anything from a Care Taker who can aide you and your family in caring for the ill to a Registered Nurse for continuous care up to 24 hours a day. Deepam Pallavarm Hospital provides a range of standard services from visits to continuous care with highly trained staff.

Visits are provided by the Registered Nurses and Physiotherapists. During the visit, the nurse might do a general assessment of the patient, his/her prognosis and perform some procedures like administer medication (injections), wound dressing, change catheter/ Ryle’s Tube etc.

Continuous care by the patient’s bedside is provided either at the hospital or the home by Registered Nurses, Associate Nurses or Caretakers, depending on the level of patient need. (Please refer our care staff page to learn more about them).

In addition, Hospital has specialized staff that can provide targeted care for patients suffering from Orthopedic, Cardiac, Psychological, Neurological, Respiratory and Diabetic ailments.